So I know I don't use this blog regularly, to a point where I should know better. But I get caught up in this crazy thing called life. And rather than spend hours and hours on social media (which I do enough of) and post something just to watch the numbers rise or fall, to see how liked or viral a picture goes: I'm too busy living this beautiful life.Which is exactly what I have done.

I married my best friend and soul mate on October 7th, 2016. I had the best weekend of my life, and can safely say I am a very blessed and fortunate individual to receive the unconditional love of a trustworthy and kind man. Someone who I have been with for a long time, and never imagined my life without. I know our story isn't like many others, and that some women with Alopecia state they cant find love.

Here's a small response to that: if the men you're dating don't accept you for who you are, you are dating the wrong men. You are looking in the wrong places. Men who can love, accept and appreciate who you are exist. I can attest to it. Don't assume it's your flaws that are the problem: it's their shallow, insensitive and immature personalities that are the problem. Too many men think they're entitled to be with what the media portrays as a perfect woman. The stereotypical model with nothing but time on their hands and him on their mind. Let me fill you in on a secret: that woman does not exist. So stop comparing yourself to an idea, something that has been a figment of men's imaginations for years. Men that turn you down because you have hair loss never deserved you in the first place.

Don't turn into someone else, for someone else. If you love yourself, you'll find you need don't need anyone else's approval and can continue living the life you love to live.

I want our story to inspire others. I want women with Alopecia to feel that they too, can have the love of a lifetime and not feel insecure about their looks. Love yourself and love will find you.  Getting married has given me such an appreciation of depth of love we share, as well as expand my perspective about who we surround ourselves with.

Having toxic people in your life, leads to toxic thoughts and lifestyles. Don't let other people's thoughts or actions influence who you are. Find people that enhance your personality. Your quirks. Your sense of humor. Find people that appreciate your uniqueness. Don't let someone else's negativity cast a shadow over your ray of sunlight.