So the past few weeks I'm sure you've seen the "Be Like Bill" memes floating around Facebook. They're designed to be amusing, passive aggressively poking fun at some of the more annoying social media practices that individuals continually partake in. Initially, there was just a couple Bill images - often getting reposted several times.

Now, users can get their own "Be Like___" by simply entering their name and gender into a online form. Within a click of a button, they have their own meme with the frowned upon social norm tagged along with it. Although designed to give some sort of advice to the people unaware of their less-likened practices, the latest round of memes have become more aggressive, less passive. Which breaks down to this: an excuse to share memes that simply makes fun of others. This particular "Be Like___" came across my news feed this morning:


For obvious reasons, this offends me. But to think about how many other people will see this who draw on their eyebrows because they've been taken by a wide rage of health conditions absolutely infuriates me. This latest round of memes have gone beyond social media habits, attacking someone's looks for their own amusement. Granted, the person who shared this had no intentions of ever hurting anyone, it's a pretty shallow image. Attacking aesthetics is always  the low of the low, and it's pretty clear these websites are running out of content.

This isn't the first meme that's bashed women and their eyebrows. This one is from last year, but still gets kicked around every now and again- offending most, if not every, Alopecian that sees it.


I'm not sure why making fun of women's eyebrows has become popular, but it needs to end. Like, yesterday. Come to think about it, I take back my previous statement- I know exactly why there's a recent fascination with women's eyebrows. In early 2014, eyebrows became one thing: On Fleek. Which basically meant they were on point, looking good, and shaped beautifully. Women lusted after thicker, darker and more shapely eyebrows. No longer was the over-tweezed and thin eyebrow considered attractive anymore. (See: Cara Delevingne, Kardashians or anyone else on Buzzfeed's list of best celebrity brows.)

Side Note: Yes, this list exists. No, it wasn't remotely difficult to find. Are you surprised?

Since the eyebrow craze of 2014 has hit, women have been tattooing, coloring in or adding to their natural eyebrow look. Which has been great news for Alopecians- the line of eyebrow products that has come out of this craze has been wonderful! Youtube tutorials and demos means there is finally some online resources for those that struggle with drawing their eyebrows on every day. & When struggle became real for so many others, such as myself, not having eyebrows at all is okay too!

So when I see a meme, telling others how to behave in manner that they cannot help due to a health condition, naturally I lose my cool. I get it- they were funny at first. Everyone knows someone that has annoying social media habits (and if you don't know anyone, you might be that someone). But, can we PLEASE leave eyebrows out of this? They have one place and one place only: above one's eyes.