Good Morning Beautiful People, Earlier this week, I felt froggy and decided to get out the old camera and record another YouTube video. After I began editing, I realized I was fairly out of practice because the audio is ever so slightly off for the whole video. And rather than go back and fix each individual clip, I just decided to get the video posted instead- so bear with me on it! Initially when I recorded some last year, I had full intentions of keeping up with them on a regular basis. Instead, life got in the way (yet again!) and I didn't post for about a year.

This time, as part of my early new year's resolution, I promise to follow up on my projects. I have a terrible habit of doing something and never completing it. So I plan to fix that, and go after all my projects/passions in 2016.

This video is based loosely off of some others I've seen on YouTube, as a sort of introduction of who I am. To give you guys (viewers) some indication of why I'm quirky, what I love and other odds and ends about me. I hope you take the time to watch and enjoy, please feel free to share.

(#10 fact is probably my favorite as it speaks to my new year's resolution as well. I want to inspire other people. Plain and simple!)

Anyways, here it is!