2014 Guide to Sunscreen- Click here to view list.

Coming into the summer, baldies like me have to consider sun protection. There is nothing worse that sun burning your head. It's like having a constant headache that no matter what you take for it, never ceases to ache. And then it peels. Which is horrible. There is nothing quite like understanding what lizards do regularly. Shedding skin from your scalp isn't pleasant or sightly. And eventually calls for even more products and protection (P&P). 

The first thing I turn to for sun protection is hats. Ballcap hats, floppy hats, bandannas, scarves... you get the picture. Consider this my front line of defense. Although protective, not necessarily the best solution. They tend to keep heat and sweat in which becomes cumbersome quickly. They also don't bode well in water, and for water babies like me, I need something to protect me while swimming. 

That's for the protection. When it comes to the other P in my P&P formula (product), there's sun screen. Here's my issue with sunscreen. It never completely shields from the sun. It's a big trust to put into a sun cream to expect it to protect you from sun burn in such a sensitive area. I have tried close to 50 types of skin care products with SPF in it and none have my complete trust. I always end up throwing a hat on anyways to cover my head and face (which I suggest anyone even with hair begin practicing as well.) My biggest issue is getting sun screen in your eyes. Being that I have no eyebrows or lashes, there is nothing stopping it from dripping down from my head, to my forehead then into my eyes. No product is that water proof or sweat proof to prevent this unpleasant side effect of being bald. And it never fails. No matter what I do, sun screen drips into my eyes from my head. And because I try to take such good care of my head, I won't go out without it. So I have resorted back to hats and finding the removal routine that cools me down the fastest. 

So here is a list of new sunscreens I will be testing this summer in hopes I can find something that is safe and strong for my bald head. If you have any suggestions, please comment below and I will test your products out. I'm hoping to find something that works for me and can recommend to others who struggle with this dilemma as well. If you have tried any of the products in the link above, please review them in your comment! So comment your suggestions below and I will give them a try! Thanks!